Turbosmart FCD-1 (Pneumatic) TS-0303-1001

  • Turbosmart FCD-1 (Pneumatic)  TS-0303-1001<br><br>
  • Turbosmart FCD-1 (Pneumatic)  TS-0303-1001<br><br>


Sorry, the Turbosmart FCD-1 (Pneumatic) TS-0303-1001

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Product Description



FCD-1 Pneumatic


The Turbosmart Manual Fuel Cut Defener (FCD-1) allows for an accurate increase in the factory fuel cut-out level without the need for cutting/splicing wires or affecting off-boost conditions.

Suited to most turbo cars using a MAP sensor.

The unit can be locked to prevent tampering.

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Supplied With


Tee fitting

Mounting bracket


Type Fuel Cutter
Vendor Turbosmart
Tags Turbosmart

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